“I wanted to be in control of my destiny”. Meet Gigi Sztrányay, international model and successful entrepreneur.

Gigi became an international model at the age of 16. She walked for such big brands as Chanel, Gucci, Leonard, Guy Laroche and worked alongside with top models like Naomi Campbell, Carmen Kass, or Heidi Klum. She wisely used her early success, recognition and money to explore life and build up a basis for constant self-improvement and professional development. Read our conversation about fashion, modeling, entrepreneurship and many other...

What can be more exotic than a New Year’s eve on Gili islands?

Gili island was the last stop on our long travel around Asia. Anticipation made our hearts beat faster and faster when a beautiful green land finally appeared on the horizon. And with the first step we realized that our stay there promised to be truly unique!

How to make your sweet dreams a reality -discussion with chocolatier and entrepreneur Nicole Patel.

How many of us have thought about starting a business and how often did we give up on the idea finding plenty of reasons why it would not work?  Either we are not sure to have a stable demand, or to get funding, or we simply don’t know what to begin with and how to build …

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Storytelling – is it a professional tool, art, lifestyle or madness?

Spontaneous invitation, heavy rain, and here I am in a Spider House bar all soaked and shivering from the freezing AC. I doubt I will ever get used to this drop of the temperature from 40°C outdoors to 19°C inside. Luckily my attention switched from the fans to the stage as something very unusual started happening there...

About people who shaped my life and about this blog

The greatest thing about any journey is meeting people. This is what makes it truly memorable. Sometimes a short interaction may become a turnkey point in live. Conversation with a person sitting next to you in the plane, or a traveler in the bus, or a stranger sharing a table with you in the café …

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“I’ll never say I am proud of myself until the day I die”. Interview with Malik Jefferson, a star of American college football

Looking to learn more about American football I was extremely fortunate to meet another Longhorns team player Malik Jefferson. This ambitious young gentleman is ranked as the No. 13 player nationally and the No. 1 linebacker in the state of Texas, according to the 247Sports Composite rankings.

“Keep fighting and success will happen”. Interview with Brandon Hodges, a Texas Longhorns football player

Having set the goal to meet an actual Texas Longhorn football player I was extremely lucky to reach out to Brandon Hodges and ask him some of those intriguing questions...

AMERICAN FOOTBALL – the flagship of American culture

Originated from soccer and rugby, American football has definitely surpassed the underlying sports by its popularity. I have never met an American who would not follow a college game every Saturday or who would not crush into the bar to support one of the NFL (National Football League) teams during the championship! To learn more …

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“Any business idea starts with passion”. Meet Harlan Beverly: a genius entrepreneur, inventor and an outstanding personality.

The best way to discover new country is through the people. I was extremely lucky to meet Harlan Beverly and I would like to share with you our conversation about what makes a successful entrepreneur.