About people who shaped my life and about this blog

The greatest thing about any journey is meeting people. This is what makes it truly memorable. Sometimes a short interaction may become a turnkey point in live. Conversation with a person sitting next to you in the plane, or a traveler in the bus, or a stranger sharing a table with you in the café may appear to be a source of a new inspiration, ideas, new friendships, new beginnings.

My life has been very dynamic. For the past 8 years I’ve always been out of my comfort zone changing jobs, countries, learning new languages. And I would never be a person who I am today if I had not met the people who inspired and supported me, and taught me about myself.

Thinking about all these people and how much they shaped my life inspired me to start this blog which is quite a challenging project for me. I don’t know if I am a good writer and if my English skills are enough for that. But what I know is that I would love to share stories about outstanding personalities I’ve met, about exciting life journeys and creative ideas. This is my way to thank all of those who guided me in life even if they don’t even know about it. I also hope that my articles will inspire to be observant, adventurous and true to one’s own individuality.

I believe that every person’s life can make an intriguing story for a book which can teach a lot of wisdom. I enjoy to discover such stories and to see how I can use them to improve my own.  And if what I share in this blog becomes a source of a new idea or a new beginning at least for one person, then I will know that my efforts worth it.

I will be very glad to receive your feedback about this blog and the articles I have shared so far as well as to hear your suggestions on what can be done to make it better. Please send me your message through contact page or in the comments to this post. I will appreciate it a lot!

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