Beautiful and green

Before I came to Texas I imagined the sun burning this flat land and turning the grass into a brown dust swirling from under the hoofs of the galloping horses…

This image was completely ruined when I arrived to Austin and instead of the droughts I discovered a very impressive nature.

There are quite a few spots within 10-30 min drive from the downtown where you can escape from the glass and concrete, run away from your daily routines, and get connected to the healing power of nature.

Here are my favorites:

#1 Zilker park and Lady Bird lake

Zilker is 351 acres metropolitan park built around Lady Bird lake and is a preferred spot for joggers, runners, bikers, kayakers or those who just enjoy nature.

Zilker park offers trails, gardens, amenities for water activities. It also hosts yearly Austin City Limits Music Festival.

#2 Mount Bonnell

Mount Bonnell is a very scenic and romantic place. A breathtaking view on Colorado river and Austin city opens up from the top of the hill. A perfect spot to see the sunset and go for a date 😉

#3 Twin Falls in Barton Creek belt

Located just few minutes’ drive from the downtown this trail makes you feel as if you are somewhere very far from the civilization, lost in tropical forests. When I was there for the first time, the water level was high after the rainy days and it made the view particularly impressive. This was also the first time I saw a wild turtle!

The turtle is on the top right picture

#4 Campbell’s hole and Barton springs

Campbell’s hole and Barton springs are two other beautiful spots in Barton creek belt  where you can cool down during the hot days and get some adrenaline jumping from the rock.

 barton-creek             hole2

#5 Lake Travis

The most astonishing view opens up from Oasis brewery….


#6 360 bridge

A small park located next to 360 highway and 360 bridge offers amazing view on Austin city and Colorado river.

And still a lot more to discover….

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