“Yoga is one of those places where life is quiet and slow”- Jessica Goulding about how yoga practice helps to connect to your inner self.

What has made yoga so popular in a modern society? What are people looking for? To find it out I met with Jessica Goulding, who has been teaching yoga in the USA for more than 13 years...

“I believe in importance of stripping away your illusions, and coming to the core of who you are”. Conversation with Omar Rosales – a former Marine officer, a Lawyer, an art collector and a writer.

Looking for the inspiration and some fresh ideas I couldn’t think of a better place to go than the art gallery. That’s how I found myself standing in front of the modern painting trying to comprehend its meaning...

“The three most important things we are going to learn when we die: who we’ve loved, who has loved us and who we’ve helped”. Discussion with psychic and palmist Joe Nicols about life, death and destiny.

Have you ever been interested to look into the future? Have you ever wondered why you are here and what is going to happen after this life? Have you wondered how much of our life is predetermined and how much depends on our decisions? To discuss these questions I met with Joe Nicols, a psychic and palmist with more than 30 years of experience.

What is LOVE?

Isn’t it interesting that LOVE has its official holiday but no official definition? Throughout centuries people have been trying to explain what it is, but they have never managed to find one single description. Oxford dictionary suggests that LOVE is “an intense feeling of deep affection”. But wouldn’t it also fit the terms “passion”or “devotion” …

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“I was asking Ancestors to bless me with the skills and knowledge to be able to recreate at least a fraction of what they’ve done.” Meet a unique artist Frederick Douglass Moore (217).

This interview is going to be with a very talented artist and a person with an exceptional life journey. Having spent years selling drugs on the streets of ghetto neighborhood where he saw the struggle and the Dark Side, he managed to get out of bad life and find his true self through spiritual studies and art.

“I don’t need to look for the purpose in life. That’s what music is to me”. Meet Leo Rondeau, a Country musician.

Exploring the music scene of Austin, I met an exceptional country musician Leo Rondeau. Coming from the Turtle Mountains of North Dakota where he was surrounded by American folk music, he creates the songs which will never allow the fans of country genre and two-step dancers stay indifferent. Here is a summary of our conversation about Leo's life and creativity.

“I think of living as an exploration, driven by curiosity and passion rather than fear and risk aversion”. Entrepreneur Justin Follin about exploratory life.

While exploring Austin I was fortunate to meet a very talented person and successful entrepreneur Justin Follin. Before starting his own business project he tried many different roles including being a philosopher, Zen Buddhism practitioner, writer, film maker, teacher, and musician. Seems totally random and disconnected at first sight but a deeper look reveals one very logical theme behind all he did. Read my conversation with Justin where we “connect the dots” in his life story and find out how to learn "a way of life that feels free, easy, happy and deep".

“SVYATKI” – the time for mysterious Old Slavic tradition to connect with ancestors’ spirits

Christmastide or "Svyatki" in orthodox culture is the time between Christmas (7 January) and Baptism of Jesus Christ (19 January). Being just a Christian holiday at first sight, these 12 days represent the most mysterious part of Russian traditions. Mystery around it comes from the fact that this Christian holiday falls on the same days when Old Slavic people following their pagan traditions connected with ancestors' spirits to predict the future...

Genuine Russia

Thinking about my home on the Christmas day I decided to write about some of the most beautiful cathedrals that I discovered while travelling around my country. If you are looking to see a GENUINE Russia and to visit something beyond standard travel destinations like Moscow and St. Petersburg, here is a little guide where to go with relatively easy access from these two main cities.

“Music is too important to not do it authentically and honestly”, – Silas Lowe, modern American roots musician.

Did you know that Austin is a Live Music Capital of the World? This became an official slogan of the city since it had been found out that it had more live music venues per capita than in any other place in the world! Live music is everywhere – in every bar, restaurant, and even in the airport! It was one of those cosy events hosted at a backyard of a private house when I discovered an extraordinary band...