“SVYATKI” – the time for mysterious Old Slavic tradition to connect with ancestors’ spirits

Christmastide or "Svyatki" in orthodox culture is the time between Christmas (7 January) and Baptism of Jesus Christ (19 January). Being just a Christian holiday at first sight, these 12 days represent the most mysterious part of Russian traditions. Mystery around it comes from the fact that this Christian holiday falls on the same days when Old Slavic people following their pagan traditions connected with ancestors' spirits to predict the future...

Genuine Russia

Thinking about my home on the Christmas day I decided to write about some of the most beautiful cathedrals that I discovered while travelling around my country. If you are looking to see a GENUINE Russia and to visit something beyond standard travel destinations like Moscow and St. Petersburg, here is a little guide where to go with relatively easy access from these two main cities.