About Me


One late evening I was walking out of the office building located in the heart of Moscow. A lot of career climbers would wish to work there, and I have to admit I was very proud of being employed by this prestigious organization at a such a young age. The anticipation of quick career success, self-importance, financial abundance was taking my breath away.

However, something felt different that night. The words of my colleague did not want to leave my mind. She said with true disappointment on the day of her birthday: “Am I 25?! Already?! I have not even noticed the last three years of my life since I joined this company!”.

And she was right…I had hardly woken up when the night fell and because I was leaving the office so late I had no time for myself. Will I remember this day or will it merge with all similar days of my youth which will irrevocably pass by without leaving any precious memories and experiences? Am I spending the time given to me by this Universe in the right way?

City lights were awakening my desire for freedom. The kaleidoscope of Moscow lights transformed into inspiring lights of Paris, London, New York, and being just 21 years old I believed that the whole world was waiting for me with a welcoming embrace and incredible opportunities.

At this moment it became clear that I had to run… To run away from the routines that felt premature.

As I realized later this was the beginning of my way towards finding the genuine… Genuine desire, genuine values, genuine love, genuine people, genuine friendships, genuine passion, genuine me…

Once I made the first step, I was captured by the flow of life and carried to various countries around the world. Life in Russia, England,  France, Hungary, USA and lots of travelling around the continents offered me exceptional moments, valuable experience and precious acquantancies which I would like to share in this blog.

Oxana Lyakhovetskaya

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2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Maria Karagiannidou-Rosiek

    My Dear Oxana,
    This is an extraordinary story!
    I think since then you made number of great choices and your life became as colorful as peacock’s feather!
    I hope you will continue your adventures with your other half on your side and remain happy, fulfilled and challenged!

    I enjoyed reading all your stories, so keep up and let us know about the whirl of your life!

    Dream big and never give up!


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