“I don’t need to look for the purpose in life. That’s what music is to me”. Meet Leo Rondeau, a Country musician.

Exploring the music scene of Austin, I met an exceptional country musician Leo Rondeau. Coming from the Turtle Mountains of North Dakota where he was surrounded by American folk music, he creates the songs which will never allow the fans of country genre and two-step dancers stay indifferent. Here is a summary of our conversation about Leo's life and creativity.

“Music is too important to not do it authentically and honestly”, – Silas Lowe, modern American roots musician.

Did you know that Austin is a Live Music Capital of the World? This became an official slogan of the city since it had been found out that it had more live music venues per capita than in any other place in the world! Live music is everywhere – in every bar, restaurant, and even in the airport! It was one of those cosy events hosted at a backyard of a private house when I discovered an extraordinary band...