“I’ll never say I am proud of myself until the day I die”. Interview with Malik Jefferson, a star of American college football

Looking to learn more about American football I was extremely fortunate to meet another Longhorns team player Malik Jefferson. This ambitious young gentleman is ranked as the No. 13 player nationally and the No. 1 linebacker in the state of Texas, according to the 247Sports Composite rankings.

“Keep fighting and success will happen”. Interview with Brandon Hodges, a Texas Longhorns football player

Having set the goal to meet an actual Texas Longhorn football player I was extremely lucky to reach out to Brandon Hodges and ask him some of those intriguing questions...

AMERICAN FOOTBALL – the flagship of American culture

Originated from soccer and rugby, American football has definitely surpassed the underlying sports by its popularity. I have never met an American who would not follow a college game every Saturday or who would not crush into the bar to support one of the NFL (National Football League) teams during the championship! To learn more …

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