“I don’t need to look for the purpose in life. That’s what music is to me”. Meet Leo Rondeau, a Country musician.

Exploring the music scene of Austin, I met an exceptional country musician Leo Rondeau. Coming from the Turtle Mountains of North Dakota where he was surrounded by American folk music, he creates the songs which will never allow the fans of country genre and two-step dancers stay indifferent. Here is a summary of our conversation about Leo's life and creativity.

“SVYATKI” – the time for mysterious Old Slavic tradition to connect with ancestors’ spirits

Christmastide or "Svyatki" in orthodox culture is the time between Christmas (7 January) and Baptism of Jesus Christ (19 January). Being just a Christian holiday at first sight, these 12 days represent the most mysterious part of Russian traditions. Mystery around it comes from the fact that this Christian holiday falls on the same days when Old Slavic people following their pagan traditions connected with ancestors' spirits to predict the future...

Genuine Russia

Thinking about my home on the Christmas day I decided to write about some of the most beautiful cathedrals that I discovered while travelling around my country. If you are looking to see a GENUINE Russia and to visit something beyond standard travel destinations like Moscow and St. Petersburg, here is a little guide where to go with relatively easy access from these two main cities.

What can be more exotic than a New Year’s eve on Gili islands?

Gili island was the last stop on our long travel around Asia. Anticipation made our hearts beat faster and faster when a beautiful green land finally appeared on the horizon. And with the first step we realized that our stay there promised to be truly unique!

Storytelling – is it a professional tool, art, lifestyle or madness?

Spontaneous invitation, heavy rain, and here I am in a Spider House bar all soaked and shivering from the freezing AC. I doubt I will ever get used to this drop of the temperature from 40°C outdoors to 19°C inside. Luckily my attention switched from the fans to the stage as something very unusual started happening there...

“I’ll never say I am proud of myself until the day I die”. Interview with Malik Jefferson, a star of American college football

Looking to learn more about American football I was extremely fortunate to meet another Longhorns team player Malik Jefferson. This ambitious young gentleman is ranked as the No. 13 player nationally and the No. 1 linebacker in the state of Texas, according to the 247Sports Composite rankings.

“Keep fighting and success will happen”. Interview with Brandon Hodges, a Texas Longhorns football player

Having set the goal to meet an actual Texas Longhorn football player I was extremely lucky to reach out to Brandon Hodges and ask him some of those intriguing questions...

AMERICAN FOOTBALL – the flagship of American culture

Originated from soccer and rugby, American football has definitely surpassed the underlying sports by its popularity. I have never met an American who would not follow a college game every Saturday or who would not crush into the bar to support one of the NFL (National Football League) teams during the championship! To learn more …

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Beautiful and green

Before I came to Texas I imagined the sun burning this flat land and turning the grass into a brown dust swirling from under the hoofs of the galloping horses. This image was completely ruined when I arrived to Austin...

My first steps in the land of Texas

It was another long-term relocation to the place I have never been before. After a year of expectations and hesitations, two days without sleep and 18 hours of journey I finally stepped on the land on the other side of Atlantic...