My first steps in the land of Texas

It was another long-term relocation to the place I had never been before. After a year of expectations and hesitations, two days without sleep and an 18 hour journey I finally stepped on the land on the other side of the Atlantic – the land of Texas and its capital city of Austin.

The trip from the airport is the moment when you get to see the surroundings for the first time and try to imagine it being your new home. It has always been fun for me to come back to those memories later and recall my first impressions.

“So what is your new home city like?” – my friends asked me.

“They do a great job here to “keep Austin weird”!”, – I replied, citing official slogan of the city.

The first thing you notice is surely the architecture. Most likely a European person would say that there is no architecture at all and the majority of the construction looks like warehouses, but in my opinion that’s what makes this place so unique!

It is definitely hard to find the elegance of Austrian or French streets here. Austin offers a totally different and truly exceptional experience! Most of the buildings are very basic. Although simple and unattractive from the outside, the bar or cafe can surprise you by the creativity of its interior.  I have even noticed that the more horrifying the outside of the building seemed to me, the more interested I became to walk in!

img_2821Skylark facade (one of the top live music bars)

Maria Tacos Express from outside:

Maria Tacos Express inside:

Apparently the approach “the worse the better” proves to be successful based on the example of Rudy’s Bar-b-q (worst bar-b-q in Texas):

Rudy’s Bar-b-q full of people. Food served on a piece of white paper.

Doesn’t it make you question your beliefs about what is right and wrong and what truly matters- the taste of the food or the way it is served, cosy interior or pretentious facade?

The downtown represents a mixture of totally different buildings.  “Ruined” bars, modern glass & steel skyscrapers, neo-renaissance buildings all coexisting together.

View of the city from the roof top bar:


View by the Lady Bird Lake



Congress avenue and a crowd of people waiting for the bats to emerge out of the bridge

cTexas State Capitol

If I had to choose only three words to describe Austin by it looks I’d say eclectic, casual, and surely weird! But this weirdness only makes me more curious to dig further down and find out what it hides in its heart. I am looking forward to meet local people and learn more about Austin life and culture!

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